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The building of the VO Studio

2014-09-20 07:32:51 by Big-Cronk

Building anything is rough, but im learning that building a small Voice Over room is extra rough! But itll all pay off in the end, Cant wait to start recording some of my new projects!

Been a hell of a last few weeks! Wedding was awesome, the party was good, and now im ready to settle down again and get back to work on some of the unfinished recordings I have :D This will be a productive week hopefully :)

Been having a lot of fun recording my voice for many many projects as of late. In the next three weeks ill be busy non stop it seems :) In October I get to build my sound studio and do away with the Ol' Blue Yeti (which I love) and get some serious business equipment. Life is exciting right now and soon it will be even more exciting :)

So I have done the binding of fenrir the wolf, and the story of how Odin came to posess the runes. Im wondering what old Norse story I should tell next! Though im not going to lie, the laying of Thrym may be next, the idea of Thor in a wedding dress kinda makes me giggle a bit. Anyways, if anybody has any ideas feel free to let me know :D

New to the forums, saying HI!

2014-07-19 15:55:41 by Big-Cronk

Hi everybody! So ive been a big fan of Newgrounds since telebubby funland but I have never actually created an account until just now :) I have been getting into a lot of voice work as of late, perhaps its out of boredom, perhaps its a mid life crisis, either way im having a lot of fun with it. I recently posted my first audio portal submission where I read a short story I had written a year or more ago Im really looking for some constructive feedback as I am very much a beginner and I want to learn as much as I can :)(

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read my post :D